Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter from BRBTV!!!

The mysterious crane avenger has been at it again, liberating poor hapless stuffed critters from claw machines all over southeast Michigan. Scoobies are his specialties, and you can see the fruit of his rescue missions above. My, how the Doo family has grown since our Halloween, Christmas and even Valentine's Day photos.

So to give each Doo his (or her) due ...

Middle (Easter!) row, from left: Sweety-Doo, Scooby-Boo, Grampa-Doo in front and Snotty-Doo behind him, then the recently rescued Delivery-Doo, with Pinky-Doo and Apple-Doo in front of him, then in the center it's Bunn-Ana-Doo with Bunny-Doo and Hoppy-Doo, with Squirty-Doo in front in the basket, Bucky-Doo in back and Spotty-Doo in the basket, his sister Dottie-Doo behind, Scrappy-Doo in front (yep, we've got one of those, too), Smiley-Doo in the back, then Hearty-Doo and Lovey-Doo.

Bottom row: Limey-Doo, Justice-Doo, Blue-Doo, My Big Boy, Papa Marley and his two boys, Marley-Doo and Doobie-Doo, Courage-Doo and Valor-Doo.

Top row, the Christmas Doos: Candy-Doo, Antler-Doo, Santa-Doo, Santa-Too, Rudy-Doo, and Candy-Too.

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