Saturday, April 05, 2014

Spotted: Diahann Carroll

She's so glam and young and luscious, and this is several years before she took on the formidable Alexis Colby as Dominique Deveraux on our beloved "Dynasty." This is a first-season episode of "The Love Boat," and this is the lovely Diahann Carroll, playing true to form as a famous songstress.

Roxy Blue is her name, and she saunters onto the cruise (standing up Bob Hope, no less) to have a little get-away in this 1977 episode, which was the fifth in the show's inaugural season. That get-away involves a little get-down with Isaac the bartender, who becomes even more enamored with the singer (he was a big fan before, but even more so now). Isaac develops feelings for Roxy, but Roxy brushes it off as a fling. By the time she gets off the boat, though, you know she is going to miss Isaac dearly.

Carroll is sophisticated and accomplished but a little flirtier than our Dominique. She drinks her Kahlua on the rocks and thinks about life a little bit. And she's got a few nice '70s fashions in this episode, too.

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