Monday, August 25, 2014

Diane Franklin tells BRBTV all about her new book

Diane Franklin was just adorable back in the day, when she was making '80s movies like "Better Off Dead," "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure," and "The Last American Virgin." She's still adorable, BRBTV learned as we chatted with her at the Hollywood Show the weekend before last on a sunny day in Chicagoland.

Franklin has also done some television over the years, like "Matlock," "Charles in Charge" and the "Dallas: The Early Years" movie, where she played the young Amanda (Ewing). Now Franklin has released an autobiography, "The Excellent Adventures of the Last American, French-Exchange Babe of the 80s," which you can find on Amazon. She's quick with a dainty little accent -- French or English -- and she's a delight to talk to. Thanks, Diane, for chatting with us.

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