Friday, August 22, 2014

Parker Stevenson talks "Hardy Boys" with BRBTV

Let's get frank, shall we? Because that's what we tend to do here on the BRBTV News Blog. When this author was a little girl, it wasn't Shaun Cassidy she was watching on the 1970s hourlong drama "The Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew Mysteries," based, as you know, on the popular kids' books. Though I loved Nancy Drew, and had probably read each and every one of my yellow hardcover Nancy Drew books at the time and never missed an episode of the series starring Pamela Sue Martin, when it came to the Hardy Boys installments of that series, I wasn't a Shaun girl. That was my best friend Julie. She couldn't get enough of Shaun. Shaun posters, Shaun issues of Tiger Beat, Shaun everything. Da-Do-Run-Run. But me? It was Parker Stevenson for me. He was the hunky one, as far as I was concerned. He was the real man of the two, the older, rather stable brother. And just so hot. OK, that's pretty frank.

Last weekend's Hollywood Show just outside of Chicago offered up a nice selection of stars of the classic TV shows we grew up with. You saw the John Amos interview on Monday. Well, how about none other than Parker Stevenson? This longtime actor, who we also loved in the 1980s "North and South" miniseries, was kind enough to chat with us for a few minutes toward the close of the show on Sunday. He reminisced a bit about "Hardy Boys," as well as his role on "Baywatch," and gave us a tidbit on his very recent "Longmire" episode -- he'll be coming back to the show! Fabulous!

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