Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The beautiful Lynda Carter Wonder Woman returns in a digital comic

We love it when comics news hits the mainstream, and here USA Today does a story on the release of a new digital comic series by DC that focuses on the Lynda Carter version of Wonder Woman that we all know and love.

DC Comics' digital-first series Wonder Woman '77 will have chapters available for download weekly on the DC Comics app,,, Google Play, Kindle Store, Nook Store, iBooks and iVerse ComicsPLUS. The adventures will also be collected in print, which is when we'll hop on board, because we're still rather fond of that print thing.

"It's being really faithful to why Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman has endured for almost 40 years now," says writer Marc Andreyko in the USA Today story. Even the license for Lyle Waggoner's likeness was attained for this series. And if the comparisons to the Batman '66 comic series on the Adam West "Batman" TV show that started a year or so ago are valid, we're loving this new one already.

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