Saturday, January 17, 2015

We can't wait to see Jack Coleman don the horn-rimmed glasses once again

He's the only cast member listed on the IMDb page for the "Heroes" 2015 reboot miniseries "Heroes Reborn" so far, though Zach Levi of "Chuck" was just announced yesterday. But hey, we don't mind that details are scant at the moment -- we just love the fact that Jack Coleman is heading back to our TV screen.

The "Dynasty" star will reprise the role of Noah Bennet, a sort of shepherd to the gifted, in the miniseries, planned for release later this year. Is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? We saw some of both in Noah, such a departure from the idealistic gay icon Steven Cartington on our beloved 1980s primetime soap. And we love that Coleman has had steady work in recent years from recurring roles on "Burn Notice," "Scandal," "Castle" and more, even voice work. We loved his spin on "The Office" with our gal Angela (seriously, she's our own hero).

We just want to know, Mr. Coleman ... why didn't your lovely wife reprise her own role as Tracey Lawton on TNT's new "Dallas"? That would have rocked. Anyway ... time to rewatch the four seasons of "Heroes" we have still sealed in their DVD cases!

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dref22 said...

I welcome any good casting news, but I was going to watch it because of Jack Coleman anyway. He's the greatest and HRG is awesome. <3