Friday, July 24, 2015

Another "Dynasty" fan shares photos of his collection

In the September 20, 2013 and May 24, 2014 posts of this blog, we showed you the collection of Bjørn, an avid "Dynasty" fan who owns several wardrobe pieces from the show. Now, behold part of the collection from another fan of Nolan Miller's wonderful costuming.

"I am a Nolan Miller collector," this fan tells BRBTV, "and the bulk of my collection is gowns from 'Dynasty.' I have four 'Dynasty' gowns and a few 'Dynasty' sketches, along with a few non-'Dynasty' pieces."

This collector is wondering about others out there who own Nolan Miller pieces. If you do, comment on this post! (And see that September 2013 link above for some comments from other collectors.)

Remember the divine pink poufy piece below on our girl Alexis Carrington Colby? Recognize the others? Which episodes are they from? And did Alexis wear all of them, or only one of them? Let's play a little guessing game! You can certainly see Nolan Miller's trademark 1980s touches on these lovely gowns ...

 Photos courtesy of Anonymous; please comment to this blog for permission to copy.

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