Thursday, August 13, 2015

Universes collide: "Star Trek" meets Hazzard County in this con report

There are some surprising cross-overs from the "Star Trek" universe to the classic "Dukes of Hazzard." A fan of both of those pop-culture giants, author Brian Lombard graciously offers BRBTV this report from the field, following his trip to Las Vegas for the "Star Trek" convention last week. He spoke to three "Trek" stars who also happened to do some time in Hazzard County ...

First up was Andy Robinson, Garak from "DS9." He first appeared in “The Hazzardville Horror,” then later in “The Treasure of Soggy Marsh” as two different characters. After discussing "Trek" and his work with Clint Eastwood, I asked him about Hazzard, and he let out a pretty good belly laugh, as did his handler. He referred to it as “the payment for all my previous sins.” He was joking, and he was quite complimentary of the series. He said that in most productions he’d worked on, the casts and crew always took themselves very seriously, but with Hazzard, everyone was just so easy to work with. He described the mood on the set as fun and energetic. I pointed out to him that he had the unique opportunity to appear in both a Bo and Luke show as well as a Coy and Vance, and he said the mood didn’t vary. Both casts were easy to get along with. I didn’t get any photos with Andy, but I did have him sign a copy of his "DS9" novel.

Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes on stage during last week's "Star Trek" convention in Las Vegas.

Next was Tracy Scoggins. She appeared as Officer Linda Mae Barnes in “New Deputy in Town.” Most of her 8-by-10s were sci-fi stuff. I told her I had brought a photo, and she was pleasantly surprised to see her Hazzard past laid bare (see below). I asked her what she recalled about the show, and she said that she wrecked the patrol car! It was a very simple scene, where all she had to do was drive up to the mark, get out, and arrest Bo and Luke. When she got out of the car, however, she forgot to apply the parking brake, and the car rolled down the hill into a tree. It was probably the first time a police car wasn’t intentionally wrecked on the series. Since she had a lot of scenes with Sorrell Booke, I asked her about working with him, and she had nothing but compliments for him. She then added that after doing the episode, she enrolled in James Best’s acting school, and the two had remained friends until he passed a few months back.

Finally, I got to talk with Jonathan Frakes. They had assembled all of the "TNG" actors in one area, and his was by far the longest line, even eclipsing Data’s, much to my surprise. I stood in that thing well over an hour, but it was worth it. I pulled the attached photo out of my bag and placed it before him. Like Scoggins, he was not anticipating a Hazzard photo! He grabbed the photo, stood up, and walked over to Levar Burton’s table. He said “Levar, Jamie Lee Hogg!” The look on Levar’s face said it all. Shock that anyone would remember it. (As an aside, I was concerned that Levar might have an issue with it, given the recent fracas over Hazzard in the media). Frakes came back and I asked him if he could still talk with a Hazzard accent. He answered with his name, “Jamie Lee Hogg.” I then said to him, “Wow, Counselor Troi AND Daisy Duke?” He said “I’m a lucky guy, aren’t I?” To which I said, “You’re the man.” We did the fist bump, and that was it.

Photos courtesy of Brian Lombard; please do not copy without permission.


Jason G Jason said...

I met Mr.Franks at the Novi mich con back in '05 when i got to his table I said "You almost got to marry Dasiy Duke" he looked me dead in the eye for a second then said rather loudly "Thats right! I almost married Dasiy Duke" and he brought his fist down hitting the table. Mr. Franks was very cool he signed my General Lee replica that I had at the con to show. He acually sat in it and sighned my dash! My Lee's interior was'nt exactly show quality, I think it was'nt up to mr. Frankes standards. Hr was cool about it though. He did'nt stay around too long after that. It was a great experience. said...

So cool. Thanks. :)