Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Rest in peace, Yvonne Craig, who blazed a beautiful Bat-trail for many other females

CNN's report calls her a "pioneer of female superheroes" and even mentions our fair "Superchicks" Lynda Carter and Joanna Cameron in the first breath. Indeed, Yvonne Craig was the first real live-action TV superheroine, before the Wonder Woman and Isis of the 1970s, as she donned that lovely purple and yellow Batgirl costume for the 1960s "Batman" series. But more than that, she showed true girl power, and she was a wonderful role model for little girls everywhere.

This author first interviewed Ms. Craig back in the late 1990s for a story for The Detroit News in advance of her appearance at the Motor City Comic Con. She returned to the con over the years, like this appearance in May 2012, when I got to see her again and chat with her -- and buy her book, which is a wonderful examination of early Hollywood. This actress lived those years before she ever did "Batman" or "Star Trek," and had great stories to tell.

Read the lovely words from her family on her official website, as well as her obituary.


Jason G Jason said...

It is very sad that another great one from our generations childhood has passed. I once met Yavone at a convention, she was very kind and generous with her time with my group, oh and she was SO cool!
Sadly this year has seen a lot of the tv greats, or actors who made tv great, pass away. Robert Culp, who I have always wanted to meet, Ernest Borgnine, one of my long time favorites, Lenord Nemoy, truly one of the best,, James Best good God I can go on about him. I met him twice, extremly a true gentleman. Ok they say they go in 3's, now Yavoine?? Out of pure respect I have to say "Holy way too many!!" again out of pure respect. It pains me to think, who is going next? Because I dont want them to go at all, but even our childhood heros have to say goodbye. We should honor them as who they were to us, never forgetting them helps keep our inner child in ourselfs alive. Very sad farewell to Yavoine, and the rest who has recently passed. Thank you for being there as we all grew up and still being there as we became adults, thank you for comming to the comic con Yavoine and spending your time with us all. God bless and God speed. said...

Yea, so sad to see the stars we loved as kids getting older, let alone dying. But we're so lucky to have met some of these folks!!!! Bet you never thought when you were a kid that you would actually grow up to meet them -- just seemed so far out of reach. :)

Jason G Jason said...

Your right that were l lucky, Billie Rae. Meeting them, getting to interact with them, I truly cherrish the memories I've made. Since I have been out of the meeting celeb world, I seen a lot change.I want to get back in soon, dont want to miss out totally. When I was a kid I never thought I'd meey any one famous, or own the greatest tv car of all time. Truly priceless memories and pictures to cherrish!