Friday, August 28, 2015

Terrific TV Toys on Wheels: KITT of "Knight Rider"

We have had a great time this week and last week showing you some Terrific TV Toys on Wheels, as a special set of episodes in our regular web series. For the fourth installment, we turn our attention to the classic '80s TV show "Knight Rider," starring David Hasselhoff. Little boys everywhere (including this author's cousin, Jimmy!) were once enthralled by Michael Knight and his talking car KITT, and perhaps still are, and in this episode, we talk to one of those boys all grown up: David of Clio, Michigan. David loves taking his KITT car to shows all across Michigan, like this one, the Cruisin' Hines show that happened last weekend in Metro Detroit. His KITT has a working dashboard full of gizmos and gadgets and a voice of KITT that just doesn't quit! Thanks so much, David, for taking the time to talk to BRBTV!

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