Monday, September 28, 2015

Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Con: Stanley Livingston

It was our first time at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Con, a show brimming with stars of classic TV, a show that we've had our eyes on for years. And what a good day to go to this event, which ran September 17-19 -- this author was there the last day of the show, when things were a little quieter. When I could chat a bit with those said stars, and not keep them from the swarming throngs. Take Stanley Livingston, who played one of "My Three Sons." Loved that show!!!! Livingston talked about what it was like to grow up on the show -- and what little pranks he may have accidentally played with his bro and castmate, Barry ...

Keep tabs on Stanley on his website,, and watch for a new companion guide to "My Three Sons," which you see a draft of in this interview!

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