Friday, September 25, 2015

Profiles in History auction offers classic "Dynasty," "Dukes," "Star Trek" goodies and much more

Ever wanted a tunic just like Spock's in the original "Star Trek" series? How about Spock's actual tunic from the original "Star Trek" series? The possibility is even more meaningful since we lost Leonard Nimoy recently. The Profiles in History auction has that tunic, along with some other stuff from classic TV shows. 

The auction, Hollywood Auction 74, starts at 11 a.m. PDT on September 29, and continues September 30 and October 1 and will feature almost 1,900 noteworthy lots. The three-day event has items from a range of TV shows. is hosting this auction on their website. They are the largest online auction marketplace with several live auctions running daily. If you're interested in other prop or collection auctions be sure to keep your eyes on their collectibles page

Behold these two offerings for next week, from the auction's press materials:

Lot 1590: Leonard Nimoy “Spock” tunic from "Star Trek: The Original Series"
Estimated Price - $70,000 - $90,000
This velour science division Starfleet duty uniform tunic was worn by Leonard Nimoy as the mixed human-Vulcan first officer, “Mr. Spock”, in the second season of Star Trek: The Original Series. Complete with original rank braiding on the sleeves and insignia, this incredible piece has been stored in a dark closet since 1968 and the color remains exceptionally vibrant. What is truly remarkable is the iron-clad accompanying provenance. This Nimoy Spock tunic was the first prize in a 1968 “TV Star Parade’s Star Trek--Design-a-Costume Contest.” Never before have we encountered such a prized wardrobe piece from the Original Series with such exceptional documentation. Mr. Spock remains as the overwhelming favorite and most highly desired Star Trek character by collectors. This second season tunic is beyond reproach. Tiny 2 mm. hole on the left breast with slight staining under the arms; very fine overall condition.

Lot 1591: Star Trek: The Original Series script signed by cast and Gene Roddenberry
Estimated Price - $1,000 - $1,500
Star Trek: The Original Series script signed by cast and Gene Roddenberry. (Paramount TV, 1966-1969) Vintage original studio bound and bradded 113-multi-color revision page final draft script written by Jerome Bixby. Originally the personal shooting script of Vic Perrin who guest starred in the episode as “Tharn.” In vintage very good condition. 

The array of "Trek" items on the third day of the auction is quite stunning.

There's also a "General Lee" 1969 Dodge Charger from The Dukes of Hazzard going up for bids.

And if that didn't already float your boat, a "Dynasty" cast-signed script. 

Among the other classic TV offerings:
Images courtesy of Profiles in History; please do not copy without permission.


Jason G Jason said...

Not trying to complain, but rge yellow letters are impossible to see. That general lee pic of the engine the air cleaner says the engine is a 360. That raise's a question, the show never used a 360 because that engine was'nt avaible for the 68-70 charger. Could just be the wrong air cleaner? Is profiles of history still on? That is a very informative show, i love it! Be nice to see the general on there. Hope it's the real mccoy! said...

That's weird that the text shows up as large yellow letters; it looks fine on the black background in my Firefox. Are you reading it on your phone? Anyway, thanks. Yea, don't know if that's a real General from the show, now that you bring up the fact about the engine. Hmmm.