Thursday, March 03, 2016

"Batman v. Superman" with a taste of "Super Friends" -- collector Will Rodgers is at it again!

Well, that Will Rodgers, author of the recently released BRBTV guide to the "Super Friends," has got "Super Friends" on the brain, even when we're talking about the "Batman v. Superman" movie coming out later this month!

"I was in Wal-Mart and found the regular figure of Aquaman in the 'Batman v. Superman' line," Will says, "so I thought I'd snap a few pics, and I got out my Robin figure from 'Batman Forever' to make it 'Super Friends'-like."

"I also took one with the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern, so now I must find that Flash figure from the TV series to make Justice League pics."

The Super Friends get all edgy and cinematic -- yea, that's what you could call this!

You can keep up with Will and his action figure fun -- as well as discuss that great era of television history called Saturday morning -- at his DC Comics Classic Animation: The Saturday Morning Era Fan Page on Facebook!

Photos by Will Rodgers
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