Monday, March 14, 2016

If there were a live-action "Super Friends," check out this dream team!

"I just acquired an Alex Ross Aquaman figure," author Will Rodgers says, "since his artwork looks like real people and since we never had a live-action Aquaman in the '70s, I thought he'd fill in nicely for my imaginary pic of the live-action 'Super Friends.' Too bad the figures all couldn't have been one size. But here in this great pic are the most powerful iconic actors in action figure form ever assembled. Christopher Reeve, Lynda Carter, Adam West and Burt Ward. I would have loved to have seen Ted McGinley as Aquaman and Donny and Marie Osmond as the Wonder Twins. That's a drawing I'd like to make someday."

Will has posted this photo and many other fun goodies on his DC Comics Classic Animation page on Facebook.

Photo by Will Rodgers; please do not copy without permission

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