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Kids' Comic Con features new guests and programming, set for April 23 in New York

A press release passed along by our friend Paul Castiglia, writer of the "Archie's Weird Mysteries" comic book series that accompanied the great animated show of the late '90s / early 2000s, as well as a wealth of other work in the comics industry ...


NEW YORK – Kids Comic Con (KCC), the annual children’s outreach event celebrating its 10th anniversary, returns on Saturday, April 23 at the Bronx Community College from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Organizers are happy to announce the latest guests who have agreed to appear, as well as some exciting new programming and activities.

Joining the roster of noted comics creators and children’s entertainers:
  • Louis Henry Mitchell (Sesame Street artist and creative director)
  • Alitha Martinez (artist, New Crusaders, Batgirl, My Boyfriend is a Monster)
  • Tim Fielder (creator/animator of Matty’s Rocket)Dave Roman (writer/artist, Astronaut Academy, Teen Boat!, Goosebumps, SpongeBob Comics)
  • Jim Salicrup (artist/publisher, Papercutz)
  • ECBACC (East Coast Black Age of Comics)
  • Danny Fingeroth (writer/editor, Spider-Man, Superman)
  • Jorge Aquirre (comics and animation writer, Dora and Friends, Martha Speaks, Chronicles of Claudette)
  • Joe Endres (writer/artist/co-creator, Space Scamps, Colossians)

Roman and Aquirre (below) will bring interactive excitement to KCC10 with creative presentations that make children part of the fun. Roman will team with audience members to create completely improvised comics full of unique characters, hilarious stories and unexpected twists and turns. Aquirre will do a reading from one of his graphic novels with an assist from the crowd, as kids are invited to provide their own voices and sound effects.

Mitchell and Fielder will take the mystery out of creativity to reveal what goes on “behind the curtain.” Mitchell’s colorful and exciting presentation, DREAM BIG: My Life and Work at Sesame Street takes attendees “backstage” to learn just how the magic happens. Fielder invites his audience to experience his 30-year journey in the arts as he demonstrates how to draw and animate on the computer. Both presentations are as entertaining as they are inspiring, and not to be missed!

Also added to the fun-filled line-up is The Bronx Community College (BCC) CAMEO Club. This student club is dedicated to the visual arts and interactive media including anime, gaming and cosplay.

These latest special presentations join already-scheduled programming, including:
  • The University Heights High School’s Archery Club will offer presentations in how archery works, including the role applied mathematics and physics takes in shooting bows and arrows. The students will “cosplay” as popular bow-wielding heroes including Hawkeye, Green Arrow, Legalos from Lord of the Rings and Katniss from The Hunger Games.
  • The BCC Step Program’s staff will work with middle school and high school students to explore the world of Star Wars’ Jedi Knights. The students will perform a presentation about creating light sabers and being a Jedi.
  • Middle school and high school students will join the BCC Drone Academy to operate a camera-equipped drone to film and photograph the day’s activities at KCC. They will also man a table highlighting drones and drone technology in comic books.

Autograph signings by a variety of comics industry and children’s entertainment professionals will also once again be a big part of the KCC fun. In addition to our added guests mentioned above, also scheduled to appear:
  • Alex Simmons (comics writer-playwright-educator, Archie, Scooby Doo, Tarzan)
  • Franco Aureliani (writer-artist, DC’s Superman Family Adventures and Tiny Titans; Aw, Yeah – Comics!)
  • Marc Hammond (writer, Aw, Yeah – Comics!)
  • Caseen Gaines (pop culture author, We Don’t Need Roads: the Making of the Back to the Future Trilogy, A Christmas Story: Behind the Scenes of a Holiday Classic)
  • Toney Jackson (poet, author, illustrator, performer)
  • Chris Giarusso (author-illustrator, G-Man, Mini-Marvels)
  • Jamal Igle (artist, Molly Danger, Supergirl, Nightwing)
  • Diana Leto (artist on Cave Girl, My Little Pony, artist/co-creator of Halloween Legion)
  • Shawn Atkinson (artist-creator, Bombshells, Powersmith Studios)
  • Paul Castiglia (comic writer and editor, Archie, DC, Dark Horse)
  • Mark Mariano (Happyloo, Flabbergast creator-artist)
  • Nadia Burgess (painter, illustrator, cartoonist, cake artist, Tough Spirits Creations)
  • Emilio Velez Jr. (artist/creator of The Dodgeball Teens)
  • Jeremy Kahn (comics writer/colorist, Blue Water Productions, Viper Comics)
  • Mike Lopez (educator, kids’ comics advocate)
… and many more!

Also joining the fun at KCC 10 will be several cosplaying heroes from the East Coast Avengers group, on-hand to help everyone connect with their inner hero.

The Lair, the Bronx’s premiere comics and gaming store will also be back again this year with role-playing card game tournaments featuring Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon and Magic, the Gathering.  The fun-for-all-ages competition is open to various player levels. The Lair will also have plenty of supplies on hand for KCC attendees to stock up on all their gaming needs.

KCC is still accepting applications for guests and vendors for its April 23rd show. There is a small registration fee for those wishing to exhibit at KCC. Secure your table space by going to our web site’s Registration Page:

Exhibitors interested in leading workshops, panels or lectures can submit their ideas to KCC founder, Alex Simmons for his review at

Up-to-the-moment updates on additional programming and guests for KCC10 can be found on our main site (www.KidsComicCon.con) as well as our Facebook page:

The 2016 KIDS COMIC CON is set for April 23 at Bronx Community College, 181st Street and University Avenue, Bronx, NY from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For additional information and up-to-the-minute programming updates, please visit .

All images courtesy of Kids' Comic Con.

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