Friday, August 26, 2016

Terrific TV Toys: '66 Barbara Gordon "Surf's Up" variant figure by Figures Toy Co.

Ooooohhh, that lovely lady ... We're talking about Yvonne Craig as Ms. Barbara Gordon on the 1960s "Batman" series. She came along in the third season as Barbara / Batgirl, and the geek world was never the same.

As part of their larger collection focusing on the classic TV series, Figures Toy Co. has already crafted a Barbara Gordon figure and a Batgirl figure (about time they rolled out some females!), but what you see in this week's episode of Terrific TV Toys is a variant of the Barbara figure as one of a special foursome commemorating the third-season "Surf's Up" episode. Grab your surfboard!

Coming up in September: Two very special episodes celebrating the 50th anniversary of two different classic series! Can you guess which two?


Jason G Jason said...

Ok, ok, ok why is it when I first watched the begining I got the mental image of go go boots?
Your doing great! About the figure, is it me or does her ears kind of have a vulcan look? Like the informative way of your presentation. Awesome work! said...

Oh, bless you! And yea, this is the 1960s, after all!!

Vulcan ears? Hmmm ...