Thursday, September 08, 2016

HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY, "STAR TREK"!!!! We celebrate with a special anniversary episode of Terrific TV Toys!

It may seem hard to believe that 50 years ago today the original "Star Trek" series first debuted on network TV, introducing the world to what would become a pop-cultural behemoth. September 8, 1966 was the date that Captain Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Uhura and the crew took on "The Man Trap" and set us off on an adventure that hopefully will never end! If any television show would seem to live on forever, it would definitely be "Star Trek," with so many big-screen movies, spinoff series, merchandise, cosplaying and general all-around fandom in the five decades hence.

The Terrific TV Toys series celebrates this half-century mark today with a special episode. In it, we look at an anniversary toy for "Trek," but not for its 50th anniversary -- for its 30th in 1996. This cute little Vina figure commemorates Susan Oliver's performance as that green Orion slave girl in the original pilot episode, "The Cage," as well as the first-season two-partner, "The Menagerie."

This T3 episode is actually the first part of a double-header this week ... hmmmm ... what other great classic television show celebrates a half-century mark this week? Find out tomorrow ...

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