Friday, September 29, 2006

Patrick Duffy in new 2007 project, and Spotted: Jack Coleman

Our handsome Bobby Ewing of "Dallas," Mr. Patrick Duffy, is working on a new project for 2007. It's a comedy movie called "He's Such a Girl." The film also stars Alexandra Paul of 1990s "Baywatch" and Ed Begley Jr. Duffy plays the father of the title character. The movie is being directed by Sean Carr and written by Jimmy Gleacher, and it's classified as in postproduction.

Spotted: Meanwhile ... did you spot Jack Coleman the other night on the brand-spanking-new "Heroes" TV series on NBC? The show, a drama about normal people who discover they have abnormal powers, just premiered and is already generating some buzz. Coleman, our own second Steve Carrington of "Dynasty," popped up as the father of the teen cheerleader who is invulnerable to physical injury (her, not him). It is a rather sinister role for Coleman, horned-rim glasses and all, with some decidedly darker hair, as well. "Heroes" airs at 9 p.m. EST Mondays. And thank-you, evolving technology! -- you can watch the whole episode on NBC's website.

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