Friday, September 22, 2006

Richard Hatch has movie project

The rest of the world may confuse him with the very first "Survivor" winner of the same name, but those of us who well-remember Richard Hatch before there was any such thing as "Survivor" know him from TV's "Battlestar Galactica" (old and new). And we here at BRBTV certainly know him as Dean Caldwell on "Dynasty" and as the first Stephen Slade on "Santa Barbara."

Hatch has actually been involved in a great-many "Battlestar Galactica" projects over the years, and he's even written novels based on the show, a fave among sci-fi-ers. Now, Hatch's latest project, still classified as in production, is the movie "Starship II: Rendezvous with Ramses." A sci-fi comedy, the film also features the well-loved John Astin of "Addams Family" fame. The plotline from the IMDb: "Three goofballs go back in time to save the Ramses Colony. Unfortunately, saving the colony screws up the future, so they have to go back in time to stop themselves from stopping themselves!" Hatch portrays a character named John Alpha (kinda like "Apollo," we're thinkin'?).

To learn more about all this craziness, visit the film's official site:

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