Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Billy Dee Williams in "Barry Munday"

Oh, our smooth Billy Dee ... How we loved the way he romanced Dominique Devereaux on "Dynasty" ... Well, now, Billy Dee Williams, also known so well in the "Star Wars" world, is attached to a new comedy film from director and writer Chris D'Arienzo.

"Barry Munday" is currently in production. Starring Luke Wilson, it's about a guy who "wakes up after being attacked to realize that he's missing his family jewels. To make matters worse, he learns he's facing a paternity lawsuit filed by a woman he can't remember having sex with," according to the IMDb plotline. Williams, who plays a character named Lonnie Green, joins a cast that includes Lily Tomlin, Dianne Wiest and even Colin Hanks, whom we loved quite a lot on the WB's "Roswell." The movie is based on the book "Life Is a Strange Place: A Novel" by Frank Turner Hollon. It comes from Prospect Pictures and was scheduled to film this spring (now, in other words).

Read more in a little blurb on Williams here.

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