Friday, April 27, 2007

"See My Lee": This one takes the cake!

Yowsa ... It's been a while since we revisited that BRBTV News Blog feature, "See My Lee," celebrating various fan-owned General Lees out there in the dusty backroads of "The Dukes of Hazzard" world. Well, trust us when we say, this Lee is special!

John Schneider's got at least one bidder who's interested in his very own Lee. And at a whopping half-a-million-dollar price tag, is that surprising? Well, maybe not ... Click on over to ...

... and you'll see the blazin' orange 1969 Dodge Charger of Bo Duke himself, using the seller's handle of "johnsebiz." Schneider has been an active eBay seller for two and a half years, but this particular auction lot tops 'em all ... Loaded with cast and crew autographs and featured on numerous TV specials, this Lee was built by Schneider himself. He completed it in December 1997 and has taken it racing now and then over the years, as you can well imagine!

But just who has that half-a-mill bid? Well, these days eBay keeps the bidder's identity private during an auction like this (remember the '90s on eBay, when it was so much more like the Wild, Wild West?), but he or she is a longtime eBayer, has sparkling feedback, does seem to have a thing f0r collectibles ... and is into crystal healing? Hmmm ...

(You've still got a whole week to get your bid in, by the way. And with the reserve not yet met, we're just a-wonderin' how high this thing will go.)

Do you have a Lee you'd like the world to see? Send us a photo at, and you might just see it here!

Meanwhile, in another sector of the all-powerful eBay, just for "Santa Barbara" fans:

A special T-shirt stating what we'd all rather be doing ... sigh ...

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