Friday, June 22, 2007

Burnett and Conroy talk "Batman: The Animated Series" and more

With their appearances at the Florida SuperCon this weekend, Alan Burnett and Kevin Conroy of "Batman: The Animated Series" have been doing the interview circuit this past week. Newsarama, a comics-related website, did interviews with each of them.

In his interview, writer and producer Burnett talks about "The Batman" animated series currently airing on the CW, as well as its differences from our beloved "Batman: The Animated Series." He goes into a little bit of the history of when Jean MacCurdy at Warner Bros. Animation first asked him over to work on the '90s series.

"Jean knew I loved Batman and she was the one who brought me over just to toughen up the show, which we were being given the opportunity over at Fox," he says. "In fact, we were being given the opportunity to do a breakout show, one for much older kids. People forget we got an Emmy that year, in part because 'The Simpsons' said they wanted to be treated like a prime-time comedy. So all the stars aligned for us that year."

Read the whole interview with Alan Burnett at Newsarama:

For his part, Kevin Conroy, the tough voice of Batman throughout "TAS" as well as "Justice League," "Superman" and "Batman Beyond," delves into some historical nuggets, as well. And BRBTV knows him just as well, actually, as Bart Fallmont on "Dynasty."

"You know, it’s the oddest thing," he says. "I graduated from Julliard. I’ve done a lot of work off-Broadway. I really have a strong base in classical and regional theater. Then I move out to L.A. to do a series, 'Dynasty.' So while I was there, I had a voiceover agent who said they were going to be casting for a new animated show, one about Batman. He thought I should give it a shot. ... I think it was the fact I was so na├»ve that got me the part. I went in with no pre-conceived ideas. I went in just as an actor."

Read Newsarama's interview with Conroy:

And since we're talking "Batman: The Animated Series," we'll pass along a fun appreciation we found to the show:

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