Wednesday, June 13, 2007

James talks about film, Caulfield hits the British stage

Thanks to the Ultimate Dynasty site for the tipoff on a couple news nuggets ... The BRBTV News Blog has told you about John James' new movie project, "Illegal Aliens," for which he also has a hand behind the scenes, as executive producer. ET Online recently quoted our own Jeff Colby of "Dynasty" and "The Colbys" talking about the film and the fact that the show must go on, beyond the death of the film's star, Anna Nicole Smith:

"At first sight, 'Illegal Aliens' appears to be just another low-budget sci-fi comedy poking fun at Hollywood’s big-budget flicks." he said. "Now with the passing of its star, you’ll find it replete with metaphors of her life. Anna invested in the production for her and her son and was involved in the creative aspects, adding numerous elements and rewrites for her character."

The film was released on DVD in May.

James' onscreen Colby rival, meanwhile, is taking to the stage in Britain. He's taken over the role of Billy Flynn in "Chicago," making his British stage debut. The show runs through the end of this month.

This isn't Caulfield's overall stage debut, though; he's done some roles on this side of the pond. And he's Scottish-born, by the way. Read a Q&A session with him at

Read more about his role in "Chicago" at these links (and see cute photos):

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