Monday, June 11, 2007

More on Richard Eden's movie projects ...

Last week we told you about two new movie roles for Richard Eden, our own Brick Wallace of "Santa Barbara," one of which has him writing and producing ... Well, BRBTV caught up with Eden via phone from his West Coast home over the weekend, and he was able to tell us some more ...

“It’s loosely based on some real facts of a story that happened in northern California," Eden says of "The Intervention." "It’s a supernatural thriller. It’s in the editing stage right now and going into the final editing for the next few weeks. It will be out there sometime in the next three or four months. It’s going to be submitted to the Sundance Film Festival.”

He estimates Halloween-time for the release of the film, which he worked on with his wife of 17 years, Shannon Hile. “That’s her company.” He also jokes, “And I was directed by my wife in this film – can you imagine? I don’t know how we made it through. It was almost a blood bath, but we made it through.”

On the second film project we reported on last week: “'Disappearing in America' just happens to be a film that I’m acting in. It’s still in postproduction. I imagine it’s probably going to be hitting the film festivals. Mark Pellegrino, who played in the film 'Capote,' it’s him and me in this film. It’s very much an independent film. I play a guy who tries to help and harbor ex-IRA soldiers in America. It’s sort of a witness protection program, an organization that protects IRA soldiers. One guy they try to help out, it doesn’t work out well for him.”

Eden also tells us about a third current project, the film "Callback," which he describes as a “dark comedy about a B-movie actor who’s trying to get a callback for a bad horror film. He starts acting out the role.” You can see the trailer for the film, featuring a frenzied and looking-great Richard Eden, at the film's official site.

So what's in the near future for Eden? “I’ve been more behind-the-scenes recently," he says. "I’ve been more or less involved in the independent film world. I’ve made myself available. I like to see new filmmakers hopefully benefit from somebody who’s committed to the project and experienced. I’ve sorta loaned out my services. Now that I’ve been doing the generous route, I think I’ll go back to television and film.”

Look for more from this interview with Richard Eden in an upcoming update of BRBTV's reference book, "Send Me to Santa Barbara."

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