Wednesday, November 05, 2008

"Dallas" fans -- can you stand it????

It's a very special week for us fans of "Dallas." It's the week when we're hanging on the edge of our seats -- whether it's plane seats, car seats, or even just our living room seats at home, barely able to stand the waning seconds until this Saturday's 30th anniversary reunion event at Southfork Ranch in Texas. With the cast biggies in attendance, this first-ever "Dallas"-fest promises to be a monumental pop-culture event.

The Ultimate Dallas site has a few ways to get your Ewing geek on as the event approaches. At the site's shop, you can choose from a special commemorative "Dallas" button, tote bag and all manner of T-shirt.

The site is also hosting the launch of Bryan J. Kinnaird's new online graphic novel "Dallas: The Gathering."

For more information about the reunion, visit

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