Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Bits 'n' Pieces: "Dallas" reunion, plus some "Santa Barbara" stuff

Thanks to Garry of for passing along this quality shot of the "Dallas" 30th anniversary reunion at Southfork Ranch in great-ole Parker, Texas, earlier this month. Garry's got a whole big album on his site, so check that out. Lots of good closeups of the gang. Click on "Gallery" on the left-hand menu.

"Santa Barbara" is also much on our minds right now. Melissa of the Single Gal in the City blog reports having dinner the other night with our own Cruz Castillo, known to the rest of the world as A Martinez. He'll evidently be returning to "One Life to Live" at the end of next month. And Lonnie Quinn, who played Rich Landers on our show, and who has been enjoying a successful career in TV newscasting, and was featured in a story in the New Haven (Conn.) Register.

AND ....! (and, and, and!!!!) ... Have we got a treat for you! Guess who we talked to on the phone a couple weeks ago? None other than Ms. Signy Coleman, the lovely Celeste DiNapoli of our beloved "SB." It's an interview for the next edition of BRBTV's "Send Me to Santa Barbara" reference guide, but you'll find excerpts on this blog this Friday and next Wednesday. "Dallas" fans, by the way, might recall Ms. Coleman in the mix when Sue Ellen Ewing was seeking a new Valentine Girl in 1987! She was a big "Dallas" fan, she tells us!

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