Monday, November 10, 2008

"Dallas" got some fresh looks over the weekend

You know, you go and throw some big-ole splashly reunion event at Southfork Ranch, and suddenly there's a whole new crop of "Dallas" cast interviews -- and we dig it! In fact, here are a couple we did dig up over the weekend ...

- The Dallas Morning News checked in with that rascally J.R., Larry Hagman, at his hotel on Friday, the day before the event. He had some fun stuff to say, including his experiences with the show's notoriety overseas and his perspective on his very famous character years later.

"I was the only one from Texas on the show," he told the paper. "I brought credence to the role and an understanding of the mindset that the writers didn't have any idea about. ... I always thought J.R. was a cartoon, and I played him as a cartoon. That's how I always thought of him, as a cartoon, and a damn funny one at that."

- Charlene Tilton, meanwhile, took a different slant -- so to speak -- in talking to another local paper, the gay / lesbian-oriented Dallas Voice, about the Kit Mainwaring storyline.

“I loved the way the writers handled it," Tilton said. "She protected Kit’s privacy and didn’t try to out him. When she found out that J.R. knew Kip was gay, Lucy told Kip not to worry: She’d handle J.R. This was like the first time someone had come out on TV. Those are my all-time favorite episodes on ‘Dallas.’"

Tilton also mentioned a couple upcoming projects: a sitcom pilot about a cooking show that just got picked up for 13 episodes, and the U.K.'s stage version of “Cinderella.” Plus, there's the Tammy Faye Bakker story she mentioned to BRBTV last year.

BRBTV couldn't be there at the "Dallas" reunion at Southfork because of the 2008 travel schedule bein' all used up (can you say, "Them Dukes! Them Dukes!"), but we did live vicariously at the event through the postings of Garry of on the "Dallas" SoapChat forum. Check that if you want to read about the event.

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