Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Knight Rider Festival: The cars

At the first-ever Knight Rider Festival in Las Vegas this past weekend, custom vehicle icon George Barris had an amusing story to tell about the Hoff. “When David Hasselhoff first came to film ‘Knight Rider,’ we were on location," he said. "As you know, David was a big film star in the soaps. So he was a big star. He comes up and he sees Knight Rider in front of my place. We all walk up. He looks at it, and he looks at me. He says, ‘George, am I going to play second-fiddle to a car?’ I said don’t worry about it. As you well know, he became a star just like the Knight Rider.” Well, truth be told, both the car and the man certainly are big stars, and the BRBTV News Blog continues its coverage of this classic-TV event with a look at some of the autos on display.

Most KITT cars you see out and about are, of course, replicas. But there was this screen-used beauty at the event, as well. When "Knight Rider" was canceled, Carl Casper's Hollywood Promotions purchased three KITT cars from Universal Studios, including this one. The cars toured the country as part of the Budweiser World of Wheels. This particular one was then sold, placed in storage for several years, then sold again in 1997, when it was lovingly restored to the condition of the show's first season. A 1982 Trans Am, it has only 2,392 miles on the odometer.

The event was heavy on Mustangs, as the new KITT for the 2008 "Knight Rider" show is a Mustang.

Craig Martin of Toronto owns this beauty, definitely a unique KITT with not only the different car doors and the amber light on the front, but also a large flat screen set up in the trunk to entertain eventgoers with "Knight Rider" episodes all day Saturday! He says he's owned his KITT for two years. "Everybody else likes to make the exact showing of the car," he told BRBTV, "I like to do something a little different to where it's modified, so it's not the same. It's one of a kind. That's what I represent."

Photos by Billie Rae Bates / BRBTV
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Cassie Brendan said...

Oh, you should have taken a shot of that large flat screen set up in the trunk! Did it look like one of those cars in the Pimp My Ride show? Hehe. Anyway, it's cool that you've attended that first ever Knight Rider Festival! Have you attended other shows like that? said...

Yes, I talked to the gentleman who had the big-screen set up in the trunk! Fab! He was from Canada, if I remember correctly. I talked to him a bit on camera, because I knew someone who needed the footage for a documentary he was working on. It might even be in my YouTube videos, actually: