Sunday, March 15, 2009

Who's Working: "The Dukes of Hazzard"

It's time to round out our sweep of the casts of the four major BRBTV shows, with a look at the folks from Hazzard County. Now, events like DukesFest have been keeping these guys busy for a number of years, but they do still dabble in some acting gigs ...

- John Schneider
aka, Bo Duke
Now: Everytime you check John-John's page on the IMDb, a few more projects have popped up. Here's some of what he's got going on this year, in the wake of his regular role on ABC Family's "The Secret Life of the American Teenager."
Collier & Co. 2: High Octane (2009) (in production) .... J.R. Collier ... aka John Schneider's Collier & Co. 2: High Octane (USA: long title)
Hollywood Boys (2009) (pre-production) (rumored) .... John Litgown
The Gods of Circumstance (2009) (post-production) .... Mick Jeremiah
Holyman Undercover (2009) (completed) .... Satan
Set Apart (2009) (completed) .... Pastor John Gunn
H2O Extreme (2009) .... Crash

- Tom Wopat
aka, Luke Duke
Now: Besides his steady work on the Broadway stage, he takes an occasional small role on the screen, such as John Phelps in this year's "Taking Chance," as previously reported on this blog.

- Robert Morse
aka, Dewey Hogg
Now: Bertram Cooper, the enigmatic former owner of the ad agency Sterling Cooper, on AMC's "Mad Men"

By the way: John Schneider and his fellow Duke, Catherine Bach, are both scheduled to appear at this year's Motor City Comic Con in Novi, Michigan!

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