Thursday, March 05, 2009

Who's Working: "Dynasty"

We've done a sweep of the casts of "Santa Barbara" and "Dallas," so now we'll take a look at what the folks from "Dynasty" are up to nowadays, in terms of regular acting gigs ...

- John James
aka, Jeff Colby
Most recently: Eric Decker on "As the World Turns" last year

- Jack Coleman
aka, the second Steven Carrington
Now: the amazing and oh-so fun Noah Bennet on NBC's "Heroes"

- Diahann Carroll
aka, Dominique Deveraux
Most recently: Jane Burke on "Grey's Anatomy" in 2007

- Catherine Oxenberg
aka, Amanda Carrington
Most recently: Leandra Thames on "Watch Over Me" in 2007

- Emma Samms
aka, the second Fallon Carrington Colby
Most recently: A return to the '80s role of Holly Sutton Scorpio on "General Hospital" in 2006

- Leann Hunley
aka, Dana Waring Carrington
Basically now: Anna DiMera on "Days of Our Lives"

- Terri Garber
aka, Leslie Carrington
Most recently: Iris Dumbrowski on "As the World Turns" in 2007

- Wayne Northrup
aka, Michael Culhane the chauffeur
Most recently: the longtime Roman Brady on "Days of Our Lives" in 2006

- Ted McGinley
aka, Clay Fallmont
You might see him guest-hosting "Live With (Regis and) Kelly"; you might also see him in the occasional TV movie such as Hallmark's "Taking a Chance on Love."
Also recently: Charley Shanowski on "Hope & Faith" in 2006

- Stephanie Beacham
aka, Sable Colby
Most recently: Phyllida Oswyn on the UK's "Bad Girls" in 2006, plus that dancing gig

- Bill Campbell
aka, Luke Fuller
Most recently: Jordan Collier on "The 4400" in 2007

- Ray Abruzzo
aka, Sgt. John Zorelli
Most recently: John Sciarra on "Boston Legal" last year and Little Carmine Lupertazzi Jr. on "The Sopranos" in 2007

- Billy Dee Williams
aka, Brady Lloyd
Now: Touissant DuBois on "General Hospital: Night Shift"

- Tracy Scoggins
aka, Monica Colby
Most recently: Grace Neville on "Dante's Cove" in 2007

- Kevin Conroy
aka, Bart Fallmont
Now: Occasional voicework as the unforgettable Caped Crusader in "Batman: The Animated Series" and its many offshoots

- Kerry Armstrong
aka, Elena, Duchess of Branagh
Most recently: Louisa Atherton on "Bed of Roses" last year

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