Tuesday, January 05, 2010

BRBTV birthdays for January

- Rick Hurst, Cletus Hogg of "The Dukes of Hazzard," turned 64 on January 1.
- Rawley Valverde, Amado Gonzalez on "Santa Barbara," turned 44 on January 1.
- John Considine, a BRBTV quadruple-shot as the commanding Grant Capwell on "SB," David Prescott on "Dynasty," Lt. Braden on "The Colbys" and Investigator Hackle on the "P.O.V." episode of "Batman: The Animated Series," turned 75 on January 2.
- Victoria Principal, Pamela Ewing of "Dallas," turned 60 on January 3.
- Sorrell Booke, the unforgettable Boss J.D. Hogg of "The Dukes," was born January 4, 1930, and passed on February 11, 1994.
- Pamela Sue Martin, the supercool 'n' sassy original Fallon Carrington on "Dynasty," turns 56 on January 5.
- Michael Wilding Jr., that handsome son of Elizabeth Taylor who showed up on "Dallas" as Alex Barton, turns 57 on January 6.
- Fern Fitzgerald, our lovely and biting Marilee Stone of "Dallas," turns 63 on January 7.
- Kristen Meadows, Victoria Lane of "SB," turns 53 on January 7.
- Tony Wike, who voiced Mr. Weatherbee on "Archie's Weird Mysteries," turns 55 on January 7.
- K Callan, who portrayed not only Superman's mom in the '90s "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman," but also April Stevens' mom Amy on "Dallas," turns 68 on January 9.
- Krista Tesreau, the psycho Andi Klein of "SB," turns 46 on January 10.
- Richard Moll, who did a few wonderful turns as the skanky Milo Beaudry on "The Dukes," and who voiced Harvey Dent / Two-Face on "Batman: The Animated Series," turns 67 on January 13.
- Sherill Lynn Rettino, the faithful secretary Jackie Dugan on "Dallas," was born on January 13, 1956 and died July 3, 1995.
- Barry Jenner, who sought to woo Sue Ellen Ewing as Jerry Kenderson on "Dallas," is 69 on January 14.
- Arte Johnson, also a notable guest as Irving in the "The Dukes" episode "Double Sting," turns 81 on January 20.
- Joe Marinelli, the mobster cross-dresser with a heart of gold, Bunny, on "SB," turns 53 on January 21.
- Leigh Taylor-Young, Kimberly Cryder on "Dallas," turns 58 on January 25.
- Cathy Podewell, country-bumpkin Cally Harper on "Dallas," and Paul Johansson, long-lost Capwell son Greg Hughes on "SB," both turn a young 46 on January 26.
- Donna Reed, the Miss Ellie replacement on "Dallas," was born on January 27, 1921, and passed on January 14, 1986.
- Carrington Garland, a very lovely Kelly Capwell (we liked her every bit as much as Robin Wright) on "SB," turns 46 on January 27.
- James Cromwell, who was the duplicitous Gerald Kane on "Dallas," turns 70 on January 27.
- John Beck , a BRBTV double-shot with a stint as Mark Graison on "Dallas" and a turn as David Raymond on "SB," turns 67 on January 28.
- Susan Howard, longtime Donna Krebbs on "Dallas," turns 64 on January 28.
- Harley Jane Kozak, the wonderful Mary Duvall on "SB" and one of our favorites, turns 53 on January 28.
- Marc Singer , a little spooky as Matt Cantrell on "Dallas," and who voiced Dr. Kirk Langstrom on "Batman: The Animated Series," turns 62 on January 29.
- John Forsythe, the amazing Blake Carrington on "Dynasty," turns 92 on January 29.
- Katharine Ross, the much-put-upon Francesca Colby on "Dynasty" spinoff "The Colbys," turns 68 on January 29.
- David Wayne, who was one of the Digger Barneses on "Dallas," was born on January 30, 1914 and died February 9, 1995.
- Justin Gocke, a most memorable Brandon DeMott on "SB," turns 32 on January 31.

Happy birthday to all!!!!

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