Thursday, January 21, 2010

Signy Coleman invites you to her comfy cyber-home

When we interviewed Signy Coleman for our November 21 and 26, 2008 posts, she told us she was planning an official website, one that she had decided to launch to dispel some of the sometimes-outrageous things she would read about herself online. Well, is live and as inviting as a drive on a lovely stretch of the countryside.

At the site, you'll find not only the standard bio and resume and some beautiful snaps of the modeling days of our former Celeste DiNapoli of "Santa Barbara," you'll even see recipes from this new author, who is releasing a cookbook with her sister, Bethany Coleman-Atherton.

"As I grew and began expanding the area of my pond, my years as a ballerina and sheer determination earned me a ticket to Paris and the chance to strut the catwalks of high fashion," she reminisces in an excerpt from the book. "Forget about becoming Christian Dior’s muse, or being splashed across the glossy pages of fashion magazines, Paris was like waking up in a dream, the golden ticket firmly in hand, into a realm of food far exceeding anything I had ever experienced. ... For this 19 year old tomboy, who had never been further then the mountains north of San Francisco, it was rapture."

The sisters' book, "Snaggin' the Stag: Luring the Hart from Forest, Memoirs with Recipes," blends their own continental adventuring with exotic taste. "It's sort of memoirs of food and love and the chase that's involved," Signy told us about the book. "We tested all the recipes. We dressed, we photographed, everything is ours."

And now, Coleman's new website gives you a glimpse of not only the book, but also her travels and, unmistakably, her flair for life.

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