Saturday, January 09, 2010

U.S. Postal Service issues our favorite soda threesome on a stamp

OK, we're afraid we're going to have to issue one of our run-don't-walk edicts, because this one's pretty hot ... This July, run, don't walk, to your neighborhood post office (and if you live in our neighborhood, get there really early, because there's always a line out the door just for usual business!), because you're going to want to nab yourself some of these Archie Comics stamps, part of the "Sunday Funnies" collection.
The U.S. Postal Service issued this description as it unveiled its 2010 line of stamps:
"Offering an idealized portrait of American adolescence, Archie existed only in comic-book form before debuting in newspapers in 1946. A typical small-town teenager with a knack for goofing things up, 17-year-old Archie Andrews is often torn between haughty brunette Veronica Lodge and sweet, blonde Betty Cooper."
Yea, don't we know it ... sigh ...
Anyhow, the "Sunday Funnies" stamps go on sale in July. To see what other stamps are coming this year, view the Postal Service's press release.

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