Monday, February 15, 2010

Emmy Award-winning writer / producer tackles Jughead comic

From Archie Comics

Tom Root, co-head writer and co-producer of the Emmy Award-winning "Robot Chicken" on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim — and co-creator/executive producer of the network’s upcoming "Titan Maximum" — brings his patented irreverent humor to the milestone 200th issue of JUGHEAD.

“Something Ventured, Something Gained” takes Riverdale High’s fabled teens on their wildest ride ever, as Jughead trades his body’s metabolism to a witch in exchange for an irresistible mega cheeseburger… and everything goes bonkers from there with a chain reaction of cataclysmic proportions!

Tom Root has been entertaining comic book and pop culture fans since his days writing “Twisted ToyFare Theatre” stories for ToyFare Magazine.

“Tom Root infuses his scripts with wild humor and energetic storytelling that perfectly fits Jughead,” said Archie Comics CEO Jonathan Goldwater.

This won’t be the first time Root has tackled the Archie comic book teens. One of "Robot Chicken"’s most popular episodes parodies the Archie Comics characters in a send up of the movie “Final Destination.”

“The Archie Comics characters are comedy icons,” said Root. “Each character’s personality has been so well-defined over the course of nearly 70 years that it was a lot of fun to shake them up and present them with new challenges. Mostly, though, I just wanted to write a funny issue. I hope Archie fans like it!”

Root’s comic book debut isn’t the only first associated with Jughead’s 200th issue — the book will also be available with Archie Comics’ first-ever variant cover, by noted comics artist and JUGHEAD penciller Rex Lindsey.

For every three regular issues purchased, the Lindsey variant will be included free.

JUGHEAD #200 retails for $2.50 and will be available March 17.

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