Thursday, February 04, 2010

It was chilly, but Davy Jones -- and a certain car -- were pretty hot

Neatly filed in the Sights You Don't See Every Day category ... How about a Monkee signing a Monkeemobile?

Yes, it's a real Monkee, and it's even a real Monkeemobile -- one of the two actual screen-used vehicles for the popular 1966 TV show. If you were in Tecumseh, Michigan, last weekend you might have seen this rare sight. Former teen idol Davy Jones, looking sharper than ever, came to town for a concert, and this red-hot Monkeemobile, snagged by our buddy Mel for a pretty penny a couple years back at the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction in Florida, strolled into town for an appearance, too. Our friend Mike, kind enough to send us these photos by Gary DeLisle, noted it was "brutal cold" that night, and Mr. Jones -- having barely made it to town in time despite a snowstorm en route -- ran out and signed the car and ran back inside, in a flash. So glad Gary captured the moment!

It's not the first time this Monkeemobile has been reunited with a Monkee after so many years, by the way. It got to park itself right next to Micky Dolenz during a signing appearance at the Motor City Comic Con in 2008, as well.

Photos courtesy of Gary DeLisle; please do not copy without permission

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