Friday, March 26, 2010

Archie Comics takes marriage storyline a step (or two) further with new titles

From Archie Comics

New York, NY -- This July, Archie Comics—home to world-famous characters Archie, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Josie and the Pussycats and more—will release the first issues of two completely brand new titles: "The Married Life: Archie Loves Betty" and "The Married Life: Archie Loves Veronica." Each title is an entirely new ongoing series with endless possibilities in its creative evolution, both in terms of its visual aesthetics and its more literary approach to storytelling.

Inspired by the overwhelming popularity and demand for the recent Archie wedding story, each title covers the detailed legacy of what might be in Archie’s most passionately debated futures, one married to the haughty debutante, Veronica Lodge, in “Archie Loves Veronica” and the other married to the compassionate girl-next-door, Betty Cooper, in “Archie Loves Betty.”

“Everything about 'The Married Life' series for both titles has exceeded our exceptionally high expectations,” says Archie Comics Co-CEO, Jon Goldwater. “The new direction of Archie Comics will be defined with the introduction of these two new titles, ‘Archie Loves Betty’ and ‘Archie Loves Veronica,’ and we couldn’t be more thrilled.”

The titles join other new projects being initiated at Archie Comics this year—including Stan Lee’s Super Seven, the popularity of Archie comics on iTunes and Archie’s Red Circle superheroes at DC, and new partnerships with Random House, IDW, and Dark Horse.

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