Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Traveling all that way to hug the Hoff? Sure!

A year ago on this very news blog we brought you coverage of the first-ever Knight Rider Festival in Las Vegas. It was a fun time, as BRBTV journeyed with buds Krista and Mike across the country in a rental car, from Detroit to Sin City (no, that's not one sin city to another -- shut yo mouth) on a quest to nab some cast autographs on a KITT car dashboard and windshield visor. A trip full of adventure, for sure. But that's another story.

Well, there's one particular sig we missed -- David Hasselhoff, who ended up canceling his appearance at the weekend event celebrating the classic '80s TV show. Oh, the humanity. (And "Santa Barbara" fans may recall Hasselhoff fondly from that cameo spin in a phone booth in one episode, toward the tail-end of his "Knight Rider" gig.)

Fast-forward one year, to the second ever Knight Rider Fest, returning to the delightfully vintage Fremont Street area of Vegas for another March weekend, and what'dya have? The Hoff! Not only that, but you've got our altogether insane friend Krista (it's alright -- she said it first) flying out from Philly early Friday and heading back later that night, just to secure that elusive sig on her visor.

"I hugged the Hoff!" she reported later in her Facebook. Yea, girl. And somehow we suspect it might have been worth it, if for no other reason than her visor, and her KITT car, just got a whole lot more valuable.

Photo courtesy of Krista; please do not copy

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Anonymous said...

Love it!

Insane? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely!

It's all about the stories, you know.