Monday, April 26, 2010

Lane Davies returns for the Tennessee Shakespeare Festival

You can't keep our own original Mason Capwell of "Santa Barbara" away from the Shakespearan stage, even if it's for only the director's chair this time around. (And yes, we know there's no "only" about directing a work of Shakespeare!) Thus, Lane Davies will return to Bell Buckle, Tennessee, to lead the actors in a production of "The Two Gentleman of Verona" this summer.

True to form, Davies puts a twist on Ole Bill. "This is not your Grandmother's Shakespeare," the play's press says. "This summer's production will be set not in Verona, Italy, but in Verona, Tennessee, circa 1960, and our two gentlemen, Valentine and Proteus, are up-and-coming country and western singers, who make the move to a Milan that bears an odd resemblance to a well-know music capital of the South."

Last year, Davies directed and starred in "Romeo & Juliet" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at Bell Buckle; see our July 21, 2009 post for a photo peek of the fest.

Dates for "Verona" are June 18-20, 25-27 and July 2-4 and 9-11. Each show starts at 8 p.m., and the grounds open at 6 p.m. (and BRBTV'll tell ya, you can snag a seat right in the front row if you get there early like we did last year!). Performances take place at the Webb School on Highway 82.

See the Tennessee Shakespeare Festival's site for more details and to buy tickets, or call 615-397-1597.

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