Friday, April 23, 2010

TGIF Toys: Keep 'er between the ditches!

Well, now, you can't have Bo and Luke Duke without the General Lee, now can ya? In fact, "The Dukes of Hazzard" was about the car just as much as it was about the people! Last week, we showed you Mego's 8-inch figure line for the show, and the week before that, the more extensive 3.75-inch figures. For this week's installment of our new special feature TGIF Toys, Will "The Voice Man" Rodgers provides us with a glimpse of the vehicles.

And it's not just the General Lee. Mego made Daisy Duke's Jeep Dixie, Boss Hogg's white Caddy convertible, and some Hazzard County squad cars. These vehicles fit the smaller figures, not the 8-inchers. For a little more info on them, see our April 9 post, to which we add this note from Will:

Sadly, I wish Mego could have made a few more vehicles for the action figures. Namely, two of them. Cooter's wrecker would have made a great seller. It could have come with a hook to put under one of the other vehicles for towing action. And Uncle Jesse's pickup. Just for completion. Who knows? Maybe Daisy's yellow Plymouth Roadrunner would have been good. And maybe a more accurate Hazzard squad car.

Photo by Will Rodgers; please email before copying
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