Thursday, January 27, 2011

Announcing the Kindle version of "Destination: Dallas"

Ya know, the books of the BRBTV fact book series all started out in electronic format, several years ago, presenting all the fun facts about these classic shows you adore in colorful, printable, portable, navigatable (is that a word?) Adobe PDF format. Then one by one, the e-books were parlayed into print form, except for Book 4, "Send Me to Santa Barbara."

Well, now BRBTV is pleased to announce the first Kindle version of a BRBTV fact book ... "Destination: Dallas." The huge volume contains every bit of content from the hefty 314-page print version -- even the photos! In fact, if your Kindle or other mobile reading device supports color, that's how you'll see the photos!

The Kindle version also reflects some special 2011 updates for the book, such as that fun photo we took of Greg Evigan and our bud Will Rodgers at the 2009 Professional Stuntman Invitational, some thoughts from Signy Coleman on her "Dallas" episode, and an acknowledgment of the new 2011 TNT "Dallas" project.

Saddle yourself up to the Kindle "Destination: Dallas" at the book's new product page.

Of course, there's another BRBTV product line that's been available on Kindle for a year, the BRBTV Report series, shorter, snappier feature stories and episode guides focusing on animated shows such as "Archie's Weird Mysteries" and "Batman: The Animated Series."

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