Sunday, January 09, 2011

A fresh talk with Victoria Principal, and don't count Larry Hagman out for TNT's "Dallas" pilot has just posted an interview with Victoria Principal -- our beloved Pammy Ewing of our just-as-beloved "Dallas." You can listen to the audio or read the interview transcript at the site, as well as offer your comments in the box below.

Thanks, also, to Dallas Fanzine for keeping us up-to-date on their Facebook page on the latest busy-buzz surrounding the highly anticipated "Dallas" pilot from cable network TNT. Discussion has been bouncing here and there in the past few weeks as to whether or not Larry Hagman -- the kingpin of the show! -- would be involved. At the heart of the matter seems to be the cash. But now EW reports that the ole J.R. is not down for the count and is willing to make it happen.

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