Friday, March 10, 2017

Announcing the print edition of "Let's Roll, Kato: A Guide to TV's Green Hornet"!

Last September 9, on the 50th anniversary of the "Green Hornet" TV series, BRBTV released the Kindle edition of its latest fact book, "Let's Roll, Kato." Now, we're excited to tell ya that the print edition has been released, delivering the content of the Kindle edition in a standard 6-by-9 trade paperback clocking in at 482 pages!

You'll find "Let's Roll, Kato" on Amazon and other e-tailers, and it can be ordered from your local bookstore, too. In it, you'll find these goodies:

  • A history of the development of the series, as well as background on each of the principal stars
  • Cast list and character guide
  • Episode synopses, plus background on the storylines and scripts
  • A look at the Black Beauty car, with input from owners of both screen-used and replica vehicles
  • A listing of the many gadgets used by the Hornet, both inside the car and out
  • An in-depth look at the books and comics that sprung from the series, with input from the writers and artists who helped produce them
  • Detailed guide to the vast and varied merchandise celebrating the series, with plenty of photos

The sixth big book in the BRBTV fact book series, "Let's Roll, Kato" features the beautiful cover art of Baltimore artist Dale Cuthbertson, just like the other BRBTV books! At just $17.50, we think it's a pretty good deal, though maybe we're a bit partial!

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