Saturday, March 18, 2017

See your fave "Dukes of Hazzard" stars at these spring appearances

Thanks to Cooter's Place for passing along this schedule of upcoming appearances for several cast members of "The Dukes of Hazzard" ...

  • March 31-April 1: Ben (“Cooter”) Jones will be in Boston at Town Fair Tire World of Wheels Car Show.
  • April 8-9: Catherine ("Daisy Duke") Bach will be signing autographs in Daisy Country at Cooter’s Place in Nashville.
  • April 11-16: Rick Hurst ("Deputy Cletus Hogg") will be signing autographs at Cooter’s Place in Gatlinburg.
  • May 6: Cooter’s Luray Grand Opening along with the opening of the Shenandoah Jamboree featuring Tom Wopat.
  • May 6-7: Tom ("Luke Duke") Wopat will be at Cooter’s Place in Luray for a meet-and-greet.
  • July 1-8: Rick Hurst will be signing autographs at Cooter’s Place in Gatlinburg.
  • July 29-30: “Cooter's Last Stand" in Luray, Virginia (see the earlier post on this blog).
  • December 26-January 3: Rick Hurst will be signing autographs at Cooter’s Place in Gatlinburg.
And see our Monday post for the latest schedule for John ("Bo Duke") Schneider!

How interesting that the estate of James ("Rosco P. Coltrane") Best of "The Dukes of Hazzard" recently put up on eBay an animation cel that Best owned from his time on "The Dukes" Saturday-morning cartoon of the '80s. The cel went for $445, and that's no surprise -- original production animation cels can go for quite a lot as it is, let alone those owned by celebs. This one is a really nice shot, too, a good, centered close-up on Best's character. Congrats to the new owner!


Jason Duke 360 said...

Thanks for posting, Im going to try to see if I can get to cooters in april to see rick. Sort of sad about the last stand thing. Its kind of a sign of the end of things. Would love to see ben at one of his stores. Like to talk to him for at least 5 min of his time. Wow, so many changes since the dukesfest's! said...

Yea, would be cool if you could get there next month.