Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Cooter takes his last stand in Luray, Virginia, this summer, and it will be a big "Dukes" blowout

We probably have mentioned the Cooter's Last Stand event in Luray, Virginia, this July on this blog before, but even so, it bears repeating, especially considering this nice flier we picked up at the Detroit Autorama the weekend before last ...

Hearkening back to the Dukesfests of years past, as well as the more recent Hazzard Homecoming events, this one has all the usual trappings, with the core surviving cast scheduled to appear, and we expect to see a huge, huge crowd there. It's reputed to be the last major "Dukes" event, at least from Ben Jones and Miss Alma. Are ya comin'? Basically everybody we've talked to in the "Dukes of Hazzard" world is planning to.


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