Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Emma Samms returns to "GH"!!!

Holy guacamole, it's a grand-ole heyday reunion for ABC's "General Hospital," when Luke Spencer, Robert Scorpio and Holly Sutton Scorpio share the screen once again! Our own (second) Fallon of "Dynasty," the lovely, oh-so English, buxom Emma Samms, will reprise her role as Holly on the daytime soap on February 20. Tristan Rogers' character Robert will be returning tomorrow, and the captivating quick-as-a-whip Tony Geary as Luke ... well, he's just been there, 'bless him!

Those of us who watched "GH" in its late-'70s/early-'80s glory days, the days of Luke and Laura and the Ice Princess and Mikos Cassadine and cameos by Liz (sorry, that's Elizabeth) Taylor (and the young'uns Demi Moore and Janine Turner as Jackie and Laura Templeton -- oh, but we do digress!), remember well the delicate young flower of Holly Sutton, before Samms went to Denver to play a kinder, gentler Fallon back from the dead. This new stint in Port Chuck has Holly back in town just in time for a big health epidemic.

Samms reprised her "GH" role in the early '90s, as well. Samms will return in the 11,000th episode of "GH." You can check out the full official word from ABC here:

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