Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Gordon Thomson in "Poseidon" remake

Gordon Thomson, who once shared "Dynasty" scenes as a sibling with Pamela Sue Martin, will be starring in the remake of one of her most famous films, 1972's "The Poseidon Adventure." The remake, titled simply, "Poseidon," is now finishing up production and scheduled for a May 12, 2006 release. Though Martin says on her official website that she was not asked to do a cameo in the 2006 remake, she does do a special featurette for the new deluxe DVD release of the original, which will coincide with the remake's release (got all that? whew!).

Thomson, meanwhile (stunning, as well, playing the third and final Mason Capwell on our beloved "Santa Barbara"), will play the character Jay in the "Poseidon" remake, about an ocean-liner full of people who must fight their way out when the ship capsizes. The film is directed by Wolfgang Petersen (who did "The Perfect Storm" and "Outbreak") from a script by Paul Attanasio and Akiva Goldsman, adapted from a novel by Paul Gallico. The film also stars Kurt Russell, Josh Lucas and Richard Dreyfuss.

You can view the trailer of the remake on the IMDb's page for the film:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0409182/

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