Friday, January 27, 2006

Ouch! John Schneider, what next?

*SPOILER WARNING* if you haven't seen last night's episode of a certain popular WB show!

Yikes -- BRBTV is draped in black this morning (OK, OK, this blog always has a black background!) for the loss of Jonathan Kent on one of our very favorite shows in the whole wide world, the WB's "Smallville." Fans of "The Dukes of Hazzard," though, will just want to know what John Schneider has going on next. Schneider's publicist tells BRBTV that there's "nothing on the horizon yet," and we'll keep ya posted, if that changes ...

Anyone who saw Schneider in last night's episode experienced a major "psyche"! The previews for the show seemed to steer everything in the direction of a fatal car crash for Lana. And yes, she did indeed die in the episode's first half, but then the writers took a twisty-turny-thingy to have Clark appeal to Jor-El at the Fortress and actually turn back time! (No, not by flying around the globe like Christopher Reeve did in the Superman movies, but we wondered if that was coming! The episode did feature that whole turning-coal-into-a-diamond thing, after all!) So Clark was able to save Lana -- unwittingly at the cost of his own father! And we have to admit, Pa Kent did become a bit of a liability when he actually won the senatorial race early on in the episode, because we just don't remember that from the comics! Of course, "Smallville" certainly doesn't follow the continuum of the comics and movies, exactly. But it now follows a particular aspect of the Superman lore, in the fact that Pa Kent is no longer with us. (ABC's 1990s "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman," for instance, left Pa Kent alive during Clark's Daily Planet years.)

We moan and groan and mourn the absence of a brilliant actor (whom our viewing companion last night, by the way, said really did a great death scene). And we hope this talent -- a talent we saw so young and fresh as a teen in the General Lee back in 1979 -- will have another project coming up soon.

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