Monday, May 29, 2006

BRBTV birthdays this week

Whew ... BRB is back in Georgia after a wonderful time in the Motor City and a week at Bro's place in mid-Michigan, geering up for the big DukesFest this weekend (and it's going to be a biggie -- all surviving cast members! Check out for details) ... and we're starting the week with the BRBTV birthdays ...

- Adrian Paul, who was Kolya (Nikolai) Rostov on "The Colbys," turns 47 today, May 29.
- Ted McGinley, the handsome Clay Fallmont on "Dynasty," turns 48 tomorrow, May 30.
- Omri Katz, the bright John Ross Ewing III on "Dallas," turns a young 3-0 tomorrow, May 30.
- Robin Mattson, the second and perhaps liveliest Gina DeMott-Capwell-And-On-And-On on "Santa Barbara," turns the big 5-0 on Thursday, June 1.
- David Haskell, the long-suffering Nick Hartley on "SB," was born on June 4, 1948 and died on August 30, 2000.

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