Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It's a summer of love in "Santa Barbara"

If you're a fan of "Santa Barbara" and you aren't tuned in to, then you really need to be. It's a comprehensive web homage to the daytime soap, and it's also a great place to rewatch clips of those episodes you've missed since the show went off the air.

On May 27, BarbarianTV is beginning a new Saturday-night clip series, "Santa Barbara After Dark: Summer Nights." Each week, they'll post for your downloading pleasure "a particularly scintillating montage or clip" celebrating the more passionate moments of the show. Click to it at

Then, beginning in June, the site will present the love story of Kelly Capwell and Joe Perkins, circa summer 1984:

At the same time, "SB" fans can show their support for the campaign to get the show back on the air on a channel such as SoapNet: The leader of the Get_SB_on_TV Yahoo group, Lisa, has wristbands / bracelets available for sale to help awareness. The bracelets sell for $3 each (includes first-class U.S. shipping) or two for $5. Some of them have already been sent to the folks at SoapNet!

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