Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Motor City Mania: The "Dukes" do Detroit!

A TV show that's near and dear to her heart, paired with a town that's near and dear to her heart -- it was like a little slice of Heaven this past weekend for BRB ...

Paul and Cheryl Harrington of the Canadian Dukes of Hazzard Fan Club once again brought a wonderful cacophony of "Dukes" memorabilia to the Motor City Comic Con in Novi, Mich. Besides the General Lee, which was a required guest, of course, they displayed a Hazzard County Sheriff's boat, two Hazzard County Sheriff's cars (one from the TV series and one from last year's motion picture) and their traveling "Dukes" museum trailer. Step inside, and you see all kinds of cool props from the TV series as well as a wealth of signed photos and other great stuff. On the outside, he has all sorts of fun "Dukes" collectibles for sale, including the more-obscure stuff like a Mego Boss Hogg and a UK-released paperback novel from the series. It's a smorgasbord for the "Dukes" nut!

Paul has every "Dukes" star he meets sign the trunk of his General, as you can see here.

BRB, of course, signed copies of the newly released "Them Dukes! Them Dukes!" fun-fact guide to the show. Along the way, BRB had fun chattin' with hard-core "Dukes" fans Jason and Don, who came along with Paul and Cheryl on this trip, and Mike, who brought a fabbo KITT ("Knight Rider") car. Thanks, guys, for making this "Dukes" display a great one for the fans!

This photo by Scott Bates;
other photos by Billie Rae Bates / BRBTV

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